09 March 2011

next up..

on a pair of middle may evenings we'll be staying at this jem...

the royal street inn, which calls itself a "bed and beverage".

two days in new orleans with the intent of drinking and eating yourself stupid will always seem like a good idea to me. the last time i entered the city with this plan, we did it straight up college stupid student tourist style, hitting touristy joints instead of places that we should have, drinking hurricanes, throwing up on st. louis cathedral, then standing back up and turning around only to see a girl peeing in a doorway across the alleyway.

perhaps it's strange that i look upon these memories fondly, but nevertheless i look forward to reliving them, this time from a professional drunkard's standpoint*.

*those of you who doubt this title should know that i'm one eighth owner in a llc dedicated to spending all income on beer.

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