08 October 2010

winter poster

Real thing:

Placeholder text:

Had a sneak preview on twitter, a certain brewer requested "a gentler version":

a few old techniques used in different ways: background is the same old paper background i normally use, but this time the colors are all tweaked. then i threw a darker layer on top and messed with opacity.

shadow on all the text and images to make them jump out a bit - i used shadow with a light color on the logos at the bottom, since i went black with them - they were a little heavy in white and i think they're better this way.

there's been talk of testing a theory that if we take a photo of someone with their face smashed against a window we can make a sort of "trapped under ice" look here. considering my inspirations were heavy metal concert posters (can you figure out which one?) and metallica, it seems like an idea worth pursuing. maybe. we'll see.

(of course i'd google winterfest poster before making my own. i have no ideas of my own...)

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