14 July 2010

yesterday, while visiting the doctor in hopes of clearing the unclearable, i was also made aware that my blood pressure is out of control.

this was not welcome news. the news i was hoping for was "here, i will clear the mess out of your ears and you will be normal again", not "if you have any symptoms of heart attack you need to call 911" and "check your blood pressure at your local pharmacy every couple of days, take notes, and come back to see me in two weeks".

i suppose that's how doctors work, though. they remind you that you're going to die.

not me though.

not enough this lately:

it's indiana beer week, which means gina and i are on a weeklong quest to accomplish what i'm not sure. it involves a week of drinking every evening and then putting on a beer festival (oh, 5000 or so people attending) with friends.

i am taking a break on this evening's leg.

to say that this blood pressure thing doesn't freak me out a bit would be a lie. i do not see myself as someone who takes drugs on a regular basis, regardless of my family history. i see myself as someone who instead just works harder.

so that's what i'll do.


Jim said...

Had the same conversation with my doctor about eight years ago. For me, the key has been regular exercise along with cutting back on the salt and processed foods. That plan has helped me to avoid blood pressure medication.

J said...

yo Mike, I know that if there is anyone in the world who will overcome a thing like high blood pressure, it is you. You will find ways to make your life even better because of it! I hope you feel well soon..