09 July 2010

this week will go down in history as the week i got strep throat and an ear infection and was incapacitated for five straight days.

i do not get sick often, and when i do i turn into a cake of physical misery with a nice emotional (OH MY GOD WHAT IF I EVER GET REALLY SICK!?!?) ice cream side.

if that does ever happen (i actually get sick), hide the cyanide pills.


still dealing with the ear infection. it feels like like i've got little elves pulling on my ears. i feel slighty retarded, as well. and my head is in a cottony cloud of yuck.

come on antibiotics.

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J said...

enjoy the sickness-

Without a little sickness, the clouds don't seem as white, the bark as brown, the pavement as gray.

Without a little sickness, there would be no health, no bountifulness, no Gwar.

Without a little sickness to make the other times glow, it would be a very chary life.

I would even bound past that idea, and say that, without a little sickness, there could be no life at all, and, consequently and sadly, no you.

(enter the canned ahhhhhhhhhh)

Enjoy the sickness,

(PS- after I wrote this, I realized my mom had just passed, and that it may sound strange coming from me...please don't think that way...It was a creative exercise more than anything)