05 October 2009

bike notes / WEEKEND

this weekend we saw zombieland and it was good, but not as good as shaun of the dead.

friday night i joined hbg jason and wife dani at an octoberfest celebration at one of those german/american clubs (klubs) that are stocked with old people. we were the youngest people there by 30 years, except for a few folks there with their grandparents or something.

regardless, we had a good time. at least the beer was authentic. and the band is going to be the new hbg house band.


bare with me - since this thing serves as my memory it's nice to have these notes for next time it's this cold

it's 49 degrees right now at 9:47 am, so it's safe to say that at 6 this morning i was dealing with 35-42

t6 cap
rapha winter
under armor
full finger undergloves (found them!)
bike gloves
pi knickers
wool socks

should have gone with toe covers, maybe...

i got to work and was a bit sweaty but i'm still cold 3 hours later. for same temps tomorrow i'll probably go with my castelli coat over rapha short sleeve and maybe even the full length tights.

and toe covers.

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