21 August 2009

the weekend to come

some of you know, some of you don't. this weekend is the third anniversary of our beer blog, and we're having a party at indy's newest brewery. we hit up all our brewing and distributor friends, hoping they'd donate beer for the event. they did. one distributor also volunteered to pay for the commerative glassware for the event. we'll have on 8 or so beer from the host brewery (sun king), and 13 beers from guest breweries (founders, mad anthony, upland, oaken barrel, three floyds, lafayette brewing co, rock bottom brewing, dogfish head, broad ripple brewpub, barley island, and mad river/cavalier distributing). all donated. we charged $30 a ticket, included food from a chef that's opening a new restaurant.. and we've got 150 people attending. it's been a highly rewarding exercise, and one of the best parts is that a lot of the people attending are already friends. odd to think what might have happened had we not got involved with hbg - i can't say for sure i'd be living in Indy any more. We were pretty bored before that all happened. So that's been a blessing.

if you know a better word that blessing for someone who's borderline agnostic/atheist then let me know.

nate's coming out, so that's an added bonus.

sunday... well i haven't mentioned that fulham have started up, playing both in europa cup and premier league action... so far they're 4-0 on the seasons. sunday they play chelsea. effin' chelsea. last year...

this year we'll hope for an outright win.

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Anonymous said...

In the sense you're using the word "blessing," it doesn't necessarily have a religious connotation. A "blessing" can simply mean "a desirable outcome or state." "Boon" has about the same meaning. So you might try that next time.

And didn't know Nate was gay. He never beeped.