25 August 2009

RIDING home from work yesterday, I am approaching this intersection:

I am rolling up to that stop sign, with a van behind me. As I approach the stop sign, the van guns it, hoping to beat me to the sign. He does not even get close.

But then while I'm slowing my roll up to the sign, with him in the same lane as me and on my left, he starts to make a right turn. Into me.

I pull past him anyway, then turn around and shake my head.

He responds to this by yelling "You're the asshole who..."

I didn't hear the rest as I continued on my way. My thoughts were "there's a reason your driving around a painter's van and wearing a pair of painter's overalls, and that's because you're a fucking idiot."

And it's no wonder he can't drive worth a shit. When you're that dumb, you're dumb at everything.

* *

About a month back I was riding home from work, and I rolled right through that stop sign. I roll through that sign a lot, actually, because it's a rural stop sign and I'm clipped in and who cares. I do slow down, so it's not like I'm flying through the intersection.

Anyway, I rolled through, and about twenty seconds later a guy in a convertible pulls up beside me on the road, slows down, and says "Don't think I didn't see you run that stop sign.." to which I responded. With a shrug.

Maybe it's that intersection.

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