13 August 2009

i've had this idea for a site (or something) where every weekend i go on some sort of adventure, be it a hike or a bike ride or a murderin' spree or something, and then i take pictures and write about it and thus my photography and writing and cultural experience all benefit and then when i die i've got this list of all these things i did. and maybe i start at home and draw a circle and work in that circle and then expand the circle eventually and in the end i'm just bored lately.


Audra said...

Have a kid, you'll be less bored...more tired, but less bored!!

Mike said...

I knew that this suggestion was coming, so much so that I almost wrote a bunch of insulting stuff about kids.

But I held off. And look what happened. I'm teasing, of course. But I can find cheaper ways to entertain myself.