14 July 2009

this morning i woke up more tired than i was when i went to bed, contemplated calling it a day, but ended up getting out of bed anyway. didn't ride a bike to work as i was already running late. bought gas and a diet pepsi. cleaned up my ipod. copied some programs for future reference. couldn't see clearly out of my right contact. it's cold in here again. i'm going to eat red meat at lunch. i don't eat much red meat.

i'm putting a bike up for sale on ebay as soon as i can get motivated/unburdened by all the legal stuff/fully understand ebay. i'm going to use that money to pay down a credit card that i left get out of control again. i'm gonna buy a horse and ramp it into a pit of fire. i'm gonna be a horse ramping fire pit pro. just you wait.

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