02 June 2009

i see that you are still bored

if you expect any excitement here i'm afraid that i'll have to inform you that i've used it all up for the year.

friday i am having a knee surgery on knee 2 (right). this is unlike knee surgery 1 because it's the other knee, which means everything is backwards. that's a tip for my surgeon, who i only chose because he's a graduate of southern illinois university at carbondale.

considering the siuc grads i know, perhaps this wasn't the best idea.

anyway, the knee isn't painful now, and hasn't been for quite a while. but i also haven't ridden a bike in a month or so probably. the knee does pop, though.

the left knee, which i had worked on last may (08) is sometimes sore, thus inducing paranoia. i know that i plan for this week's surgery to be my last knee surgery ever, and if bicycling causes further wear, i'm probably going to reduce my bicycling greatly.

in a month or so, after the quick recovery, i'll start biking again to get a feel for things. after a few weeks of that i plan to contact my coach again, and start that process over. just once i'd like to be mega-fit. and after i try that coat on and know what it's like, i'll either keep it on, or discard it for another one.

that's the plan, anyway.

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