27 May 2009

that's over

here's a basics on iceland: the cities are sort of lame, and you create your own adventure. every day i'd see something that'd make me say "that's the best thing we've seen". we drove around the entire island, having only one really bad weather day. we experienced a few washed out roads. we got a land rover stuck in a snow bank miles from any sort of civilization. it smells like sulfr everywhere. the food is kinda crap. the beer is prohibitively expensive. the gasoline is too much money.

i was flying home on the connecting flight from boston, looking through my pictures on the laptop. i shut it off. the woman on the seat across the aisle said "where did you take those pictures?"


"are they for a calendar?"


"you're shooting a movie?"

"no... it just looks like that everywhere"

i'd say the people are friendly, but we didn't do all that much interaction. it's a country as beautiful non-inhabited stretching wasteland. it actually looks better in motion pictures than it does in still. it's neither under nor overwhelming. it's whelming. my expected scale of things was all out of wack, it was everything i expected and more and less. it's a check on a list i've exhausted again.

lastly, this trip was something i don't think i'd ever had thought i'd do maybe even 10 years ago. the only way these things get done is for me to say i'll do them, book a flight, and just go. and i'm fortunate enough that that can happen. maybe not in the most financially smart sort of way, but they can happen. and for this i am thankful to everyone who ever helped shape anything i ever was, am or will be.


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Matt said...

great picks Mike. I hope you put up an album of them. Or maybe you have and I have bad search skills.

Mark said...

I agree with the photo album recommendation by this Matt character. Picasa is excellent.