27 May 2009

i almost forgot

i suppose this image might sum up quite a few things about iceland.

a thing: one day one we were trying to find a restaurant. instead of walking around the side of the building with the entrance, we walked (mistakenly) around the back, and into what appeared to be someones house. we didn't see a restaurant. we almost went upstairs, still looking, before we decided to try looking outside again.

later in a different city we attempted to visit a pizza place that looked to be closed from the outside. we tried the door. open. we walked up a flight of stairs into a pizza place that was not only closed, but probably closed for business. there was no one there. the door was unlocked.

the photo here is a baby carriage. it contains a real live baby. the parents of this baby are inside the cafe to the right, eating, and watching the baby through the window. we saw this happen more than once. in reyjkavik.

pretty rad, right?


Anonymous said...

Well said and may I add that sheep rock! You just don't understand unless you own one.

Mark said...

I own a duck. His name is Mr. Quackers. Wyatt and I are releasing him at our new ground this weekend.

Brant A. Zurliene said...

Was there a "No Babies Allowed" sign in the window or something?

Mike said...

i'm trying to figure out which of my readers owns a sheep.

and no, no sign, at least not in english.

i knew about the duck. glad to see you're not eating him.