10 March 2009

good times

today i have a cold, on top of a knee injury (to the other knee) that's got me thinking about how i just had a knee surgery last year.

rest rest rest.

when i get a cold i try to eat as many oranges as possible, thinking that oranges are the true cure for anything. aids? have an orange.

but today i didn't have an orange, i had a plum. from chile. since i'm in the middle of reading the omnivore's dilemma i know all about how wreckless that is. i'm an environmental terrorist. one plum at a time.

but you had to see the plums at kroger last night, lining up, perhaps even winking at me. they needed to be eaten. and so.


Brant A. Zurliene said...

You've blinded me with font color...

Mike said...

It's pink like something that's pink.