12 January 2009


friday while at the gym i was told my bike posture needs work. this wasn't news to me, as i am perfect capable of posture that would embarrass the letter S. the key seems to be throwing your shoulders back, and maybe thinking of trees. my problem is that that position is very uncomfortable. but i'll work on it.

saturday dave and jon came to town, and we proceeded to hit brugge for lunch and beer, brbp for a beer, back to brugge, out to rollerderby, to deano's, back home for a nightcap...

it didn't seem like all that much drinking until i recalled a list of what i had the next day.

yesterday i made the ragout for the week. fulham were off this weekend (weather), but the game wasn't on anyway. today dishnetwork installs, and directv goes away, along with it GOlTV, which isn't that big a deal - though I've just started watching the occasional bundesliga match, and they are quite enjoyable. oh well.

now we wait for US/Mexico match tickets to go on sale - the game is just over a month away but no ticket sales yet. weird.

back to the gym today. i hope to put together a nice week of workouts.

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Brant A. Zurliene said...

What's wrong with bad posture? I aspire to slump like Mrs. Taylor at Trenton Elementary Kindergarten. That gnarly S-shape was creepy cool.