18 December 2008

stupid weather

Tuesday, while driving home for the gym, I decided to see just how icy the roads really were by putting my car into 6th gear at about 15 mph, and giving it a little gas. Not stomping on it - just testing to see if the car would still spin the wheels in 6th (it was spinning through first and second with very little pedal).

I don't know if the wheels spun, because that's when the back end came around.

As I slid down the road sideways, I looked to see what obstacles I might collide with. Hey look, a mailbox.

Despite my best efforts, the mailbox was headed right for me. And then I hit it.

Now there's a nice paint smear from the mailbox post along my passenger side door. And there's a nice sort of bow in the door as well. Next week it goes to the body shop.

So let that be a lesson. Even at 15-20 mph and in 6th gear, you can spin your 160 horsepower convertible right into a mailbox post.


Jason266 said...

Not my brother-in-law's fault.

Brownie said...

I would also say it was the weather that was stupid.