08 December 2008

i am in need of work

body composition
body density: 1.032
percent body fat: 29.7%
fat weight (lbs): 59.2
lean body weight (lbs): 140.4
total weight (lbs): 199.6

Well, considering I weighed 235 once, this isn't the worst news. Of course I also weighed 178 for about two day two years ago

Body composition goals
Short term (4-6 months)
percent body fat: 21.0% change: -8.7%
lean body weight (lbs): 141.5 change: +1.1 (lbs)
body fat weight (lbs): 37.6 change: -21.6 (lbs)
body weight (lbs): 179.1 change: -20.5 (lbs)

This is doable. I regularly weighed 183 - 186 before knee surgery and the consequent letting myself go. My advisor recommended cardio 3 times a week, weight work twice... I'm much more likely to do cardio 5-6 days a week. It just seems like the natural thing to do since I go directly after work. I know that if I come home and sit on the couch I'll be bored and wondering what to do with myself.

Long Term (one year+) Goals
percent body fat: 17.0% change: -12.7%
lean body weight: 141.5 change: +1.1 (lbs)
body fat weight (lbs): 29.0 change: -30.2 (lbs)
body weight (lbs): 170.5 change: -29.1 (lbs)

I always (potentially) saw myself at 170 the first time around, so this goal is reasonable... there are some picture of me at 180 where I look sorta sickly, actually, but I think that had more to do with a haircut and bad clothing choices. Anyway. At 178 I still had more weight around my midsection than a guy wearing bike jerseys on a regular basis should have. So.

My goals walking in the door were to lose the weight I had regained, improve my cycling, and find a team to ride with. I've yet to call the number of the coach he gave me, mainly because I'm a little nervous about the whole "am I ready for this" thing. I know riding with a team is going to kick my ass. I'm more concerned that I'm either not going to find a team, or I'm not ready. I'm certainly not ready now, but I can be in a couple months.

I should call tomorrow regardless. Stay tuned...


Brownie said...

Have you thought of eating Mike's place or Little Augie's pizza everyday and smoking again?

Brant Zurliene said...

2 months down the road you'll already be close. It happens quick. I gotta get back to jumping rope. 1000 calories an hour does the trick, and it's crazy fun. Chics dig it too.

Mike said...

Mark - I have a really horrible memory so that whole smoking thing seems so bizarro now - I don't really even remember what sort of motivation I had to be like that. Same thing with the weight. I don't remember the motivation to do much of anything at any point, really.

The idea of smoking really disgusts me now - I have stronger sort of hate feelings about that than pretty much anything I can think of. For example, I'm not a fan of cancer, but I'm even less so a fan of smoking. Gina knows this because I've said before if she'd ever relapse (and she won't) she'd be out of the house immediately. I don't really even like it when she mentions stuff like "oh for a second today I thought I wanted a cigarette" even though I know that that happens to anyone whose ever quit.

As for the pizza.. yeah I like pizza a lot.

Mike said...

I cannot jump rope. I haven't the coordination. I bet that burns more than 1000 calories an hour, too..

Brant Zurliene said...

Mike, Practice makes perfect with Roping. After a month you'll be roping like Ali (rope-a-dope). On the smoking note, this coming June 1st (Miriana's 8th Birthday) will be 2 years absolutely smoke free for me. YEAH...except for the crack rock, pot, and paint huffing...but you knew what I meant.