26 December 2008

christmas is evil

wednesday we drove to mom's, and then started eating. cookies, more cookies, a trip to my cousin's house, more cookies, cheesy bite-sized 20 minute spinning bike sessions. a lot of them. more cookies.

then when we got back home, i thought "well i ate a ton, but i didn't really eat a meal..." so i had brought some chickpea ragout back with me (didn't want it to go to waste) - and i ate that, the whole time knowing i wasn't really hungry. so that's another (healthy, but still...) 400+ calories...

xmas day? more of the same. though scaled back a bit.

today? a trip to schlafly's tap room. beer is at 1990something prices. yeah.

when i get back to indy? a visit to j gumbos for their closing. i'll surely be drinking.

sunday? maybe a roundtable with my fellow hbg folks.

monday? bike

tuesday? bike

wednesday? the hbg new year's party. 120 minute ipa on tap. it's 400+ calories in one beer. it's also 20% alcohol. so only one of those.

and then? back to work.

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