04 December 2008

back on the fitness jam

i don't talk like that.

met with the trainer guy at the gym... he (sort of) prescribed a workout consisting of an hour of 4 minute standing (160-170 hr) spins with 1 minute off between, along with a list of exercises with free weights that i've yet to decifer. i've not picked up a weight since maybe eight grade. he also suggested these bosu classes... i watched one last night and i'm sure it will kill me. he also suggested i go see a chiropractor for my lingering lifetime back issues, but i'm still of the (wrong, i'm sure) opinion that chiropractic medicine is a bit quacky. not to say that i don't believe it works, just to say that (at least at the chiro I visited) I felt like I was less in a doctors office and more in a romper room.

I have self prescribed a lot of streching, as that works when i have flair-ups. i just don't do it consistantly enough to fix anything long-term.

i'm meeting with the trainer guy again tomorrow for my initial fitness accessment thing, in which i will find out if the 20% body fat my home scale claims is actually true. I'm guess it'll be higher than that. i think i can also do VO2max and that sort of thing... i'm looking to find out my heart rate zones so i can work a little bit out of the cyclist training manual book.

lastly, and perhaps most important, he's given me the number of a guy that does fitting and training and stuff out at the velodrome - hopefully he'll be able to provide me with some sort of gateway to find a team to work with. cycling progress is easier to attain when you've working with folks who can kill you. so that's what i'm looking for.

anyway. so far, so good, and i'm back to eating better and enjoying the whole process.


Kelly said...

let me know how you like NIFS. It's kind of a drive for me, but I hear their trainers are top notch. I'm setting some crazy goals for myself re: the derby thing.

WYA! said...

Yoga does an amazing job of making backs feel better. :-) Just a thought.Good luck to you with your fitness goals!