22 September 2008

what is new and exciting


putting finishing touches on the vacation savings plan. our plans as of right now included being in denver wednesday through saturday. and a visit to bike shops in boulder, and a stop in fort collins, and a visit to gina's brother. other than that? dunno. we're going to wing it. we may just spend half a week in kansas.

never ever will that happen.

i'm looking forward to post-vacation, though, because i like blowing money on stupid stuff. i've had a serious stupid stuff money blowing shortage in the past three months. it breaks my heart. really. it does.

what else.

i'm completely addicted to Ovation TV's Art Safari, which I think was originally a BBC series. Here's a YouTube of a segment on Murakami. Not the author.

The episode I viewed last evening was on Maurizio Cattelan, an artist I was not previously aware of. To be honest my art knowledge is very lacking. But I do enjoy it.

Cattelan is funny.

La Nona Ora (The Ninth Hour)

that's the pope struck by a meteroite.

the show also featured a (well, sort of) mockery of the vietnam wall - "a tomb-like, marble epitaph listing all the football matches lost by the England (national football) team"

anyway, good show. i'm afraid that perhaps there aren't enough episodes to keep me happy, though. i need more television along those lines.


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