04 August 2008


on the way home from the radiohead show last night, I told gina that if you're lucky, you get maybe one hour - one hour of your favorite band before the weight of the idiots overtake the place - the girl in the seat(s) next to you who can't contain her joy - so much that she feels the need to dance in your space - the girls next to you who are yelling 'WE'RE AT RADIOHEAD!!!' into their cell phone - the girls in front of you who CAN'T STOP TAKING PICTURES OF THEMSELVES...

i understand - you're having a good time, it's not that big a deal, you drop $100 on stupid shit all the time... but maybe, just maybe, you might think that someone else at the show is actually trying to enjoy themselves LISTENING TO THE FUCKING BAND.

Anyway, that makes it sound worse than it was. We did get our hour, the lights and sound were great, they seemed really "on".

But I think I'll come back and read this before I do that again.


kmwinter said...


I went to see Jack Johnson a few weeks ago at VWMC and we had some jackasses in front of us who were swaying back and forth and dancing. This didn't affect me as much as my wife who was too short to see over the top of them. So she'd literally be able to see between them for two seconds then get blocked for two seconds--repeated all night.

Also, there was one guy who was so horrible at dancing that he totally ruined one song for my wife forever. she can't listen to it without visualizing his dorky hand gestures. he was a tool.

I think shows in smaller venues are easier to deal with because most of the people are there to see the band. I have a feeling a healthy portion of people that go to the huge venues like VWMC are there to see a show, any show. (I think certain people like getting f'd up en masse. I call this my Jimmy Buffet Theory)

p.s. i hate you for seeing radiohead live.

Mike said...

i've seen radiohead live four times.
okcomputer tour in a tiny club in st. louis, kid a tour in chicago, amnesiac tour in st. louis (pit tickets), and now here.

i used to be able to get great tickets through the fanclub thing but anymore everyone knows about that. so instead of being up front... back behind guys who got free corporate tickets through work.

i wasn't even going to go this time but i figured if I didn't i'd regret it.

Brownie said...

What the hell is a lponkd?

Mike said...

where'd you come across that?

Brownie said...

When I used to sit at your house smoking while you were on the Radiohead message board.

Mike said...

it's a random combination of letters - i made it up when i couldn't find any available AOL instant messager names.