16 July 2008

colorado is still 3 months away and i'm getting itchy for vacation. i think i'd like to jump in the car and go drive in the mountains. or maybe bike the mountains. the key is mountains.

this week we're hitting a different bar every night because it's indiana beer week. maybe that was better in idea form than practice, though we've been having a good time with it. we now roll with a refreshed posse.

um... what else. they grated the road i use to ride my bike out of downtown so i've got to find a different route today. i think i've got it figured out.

what's the excitement in the county? did Breese build an Ikea yet?


Brownie said...

Just be careful.

Mike said...

I promise not to get shot on my first day of riding my new shiny bike with speakers on it to work.

After that it's beyond my control.

Brant Zurliene said...


Mike said...

stuff like that happens a lot. usually people just use their car, though. the gun is a new and exciting angle.