19 June 2008

power of the pit.

So the last two days I've been wearing a regular old button up shirt to work, no undershirt, because that gets bulky and i'm fucking svelt.

anyway, yesterday i get home an notice i've got a little funk going. i think 'hmm maybe i forget deodorant'. i mean, it happens, whatever. then again why am i sweating in the office? i dunno. anyway.

today, no undershirt again, and i just check out my armpits, and there you go - wet spots.

i'm not going to handle getting older well. i mean, i haven't cut my hair in forever, i've pretty much stopped shaving, i shrug off any and all responsibility, and our house is in a permanent state of dishevel.

anyway, all that's really ok with me.. but this wet armpit thing? FUCK THAT.

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