09 June 2008

no RAIN for me

Just cancelled my RAIN ride hotel - too busy this month to get the proper training in, and even if I did, I don't know anyone riding at the slower speeds I'm at currently... 160 miles in 90+ weather is fine if you're suffering with someone you know, but doing it alone or with a bunch of people you don't know is a whole different animal.

Anyway, I'm not heartbroken or anything. I'm doing fine rocking LAZY this summer and we'll see about next year.

In other rain news, the creek behind our subdivision overfilled its banks Saturday, causing a quick rise in the ponds surrounding the neighborhood, and a visit from a neighborhood kid, who stopped by - all frantic like - to inform us that we might want to move our stuff upstairs.

Up until that point I wasn't in the least bit worried, but afterwards I walked out to the pond and started keeping track of how fast it was rising. Over the course of an hour it was rising about two Mike-feet, but at that rate it was going to take at least 12 hours to reach our house. And the water was going to have to raise about 6+ vertical feet. So I stuck a bicycle fork/yard stick measuring device into the ground and waited to see how long it took for the water to cover it. But it never got that high.

There were some houses in the area that got the flooding, but we weren't close. It's funny how I never paid attention to my home-owners policy until the water started rising... then I was sitting on the couch looking to see if I had paid for flood insurance.

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