15 May 2008

So gina's adopto-brother eric is a sort of funny boo radley-esqe character, hiding out in his basement room creating art - sorta here and there all over the place styles and methods - creepy dolls and paitings of people with animal heads - usually what i see is either a bit macabre. so i was surprised to dig through all the stuff he's stuck up on his myspace page (i have no idea if that link will work) - some of which is going to be serialized for target stores or something.

recently i made a couple purchases at 20x200 - Echo Eggebrecht's The Time Machine and Amy Park's Corner Light Monadnock. They look like this:

I don't know that there's really any sort of theme going on there - the colors are sort of similar, and they're both a little dark - but after contacting eric i'll have two originals to add:

So more buildings. And a helicopter. He's actually got more stuff I like but if I keep it up I'd feel like I was overdoing it.

This won't be the first time Eric has given me art - for Xmas a couple years ago he gave me a Mr. T doll complete with gold chains, and then there was the time he gave me an embellished Britney Spears photo on canvas...

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