06 May 2008

monday night my xbox died (replacement on the way), so last night i had a decision to make: drink beer and sit on couch, or go ride a bike for the first time in over a month. in the end, i did both.

the bike ride was 14 or so miles at 17.65 mph - not at all a bad time for taking a full month off. the first thing i noticed when i hopped on the bianchi was how light it was. it's been a while since i've had that sensation. anyway, i zipped along, nary a knee pain, just the occasional zap that reminded me that i am not right.

i really wanted to ride to make sure that my symptoms hadn't mysteriously cured themselves. stranger things have happened. but to my relief (i guess), it's still there. surgery friday at 9am. not sure if i'm nervous or not.

shouldn't be, though.

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