18 April 2008


I've just finished read a piece from the New Yorker on a man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. Which looks like this on time-lapse video.

The article covered everything from what he did to elevator design and "theory", smart elevators, personal space... really an interesting all-around look at the thought that goes into elevators.

Far those of you who aren't familiar with the "smart" elevator - really a system of elevators with one control tower set in the lobby that controls the movement of all the elevators - it was interesting to note that the first ever smart elevator was installed in Indianapolis' own Ameritech building. The system was apparently so bewildering to users that the building hired mimes(!?!?) to help people use the elevators.

41 hours in an elevator might raise one question: How'd he use the bathroom? Apparently he pried open the doors and urinated in the crevice created by the space. I wonder what that looks like in mime.

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