24 April 2008


You may recall my old LeMond bicycle - a bike that was last seen with a twisted fork and a bunch of other damage when I ran it into a deer.

Ever since (and actually, a little before) that crash, I've had the worst bike luck - flats, a new bike that I'm not in love with (which is a travesty), and now this stupid knee surgery.

I have become convinced that the LeMond is the cause of my curse. I suppose the natural thing to do would be to sell what's left of it... but instead I decided to rebuild it.

And thanks to Ebay, today I am well on my way..

New Ritchey WCS road bike bars/Cinelli tape/stem $50.00

NEW RITCHEY WCS CARBON 1 1/8 Road Fork NIB $219.99

These parts are upgrades from my previous fork/stem/handlebars (though the handlebars are quite narrow and might need switched out)... I still need a front wheel, a headset, and maybe a shifter... but I'm thinking about upgrading all that too. And buying a new crankset. And I need a set. And a seatpost.

In the end, it's going to cost more money than just buying a replacement bike, I bet. I know this. But a replacement bike doesn't cure curses.

And when this bike is back to riding condition? I think the Bianchi goes. Which reduces the bike stable to five.

Dear Bianchi bicycle,

I don't expect you to curse me now too.



Anonymous said...

I don't know if this factors into your curse or anything, but did you know Trek has dropped Lemonde from its line?


Mike said...

yeah, i read that.. i rode both lemonds and treks when i was buying and the lemond just felt better... should be interesting to see if lemond is still around in a few years.

Brownie said...

You can donate the bike to the Sugar Creek FD and we can cut it up with the jaws of life.
I got to use them for the first time last night on a cavelier and saturn. Pretty effing sweet.

Mike said...


Jason266 said...

You sound like a silly Cubs fan. You want to blame a billy goat for your malaria?