30 April 2008

bad haircut? check. bad suit coat? check.

So... finally. My television appearance has made it's way to the internets.

By Any Other Name

(Host of the show) Mike meets Mike as another gentleman named “Michael Atwood” drops in on WFYI, Indianapolis, to ask for our help in stopping the many calls he gets, suggesting stories for “Across Indiana” to cover. To his and our amusement, he points out that his father, “Tom Atwood” used to receive phone calls in his hometown of St. Louis for the famous sportswriter of the same name. “I guess this ‘Atwood’ name is just a family curse,” the “other “ Mike tells us. Huh? We ’d prefer to think of it as a “family blessing.”

The interview with host Michael Atwood on Across Indiana:

Click here.

I can bee seen in the beginning of the following clip, and then again at the 5:15 mark.

Part II.

Those'll load in media player if everything is right..


Jason266 said...

The best parts are in the credits...

Host(s): Michael Atwood

No Michael Atwoods were harmed in the making of this production.

Also, how do we get the real Michael Atwood to come out to HBG roundtables? The fake Michael Atwood has malaria and is of no use to us.

Jim said...

Yeah, I want to be famous, too. So can HBG bug the other Michael Atwood for an Across Indiana spot. Can we, can we, can we??????

Mike said...

You're welcome to bug Across Indiana for anything you want to - www.wfyi.org has the vital contact information.

I will not use my line to the top so recklessly. I know what sort of mayhem Jason is capable of.