02 March 2008

Return of the bike stats

I was using bikejournal.com to log everything, but they've taken away some column for those of us too cheap to pony up and buy the full featured membership. I will probably do that eventually, but for the time being... I know this makes for awesome reading.

Times based on time moving (stops not included)

Saturday 03/01/08 - Temps 31-37 felt like 24-27
clothing: shoes/covers, wool socks, full length tights, base layer, ss jersey, castelli coat, helmet. no hat. Performance gloves with Specialized gloves over the top. Well dressed. Got a little cold the last hour.
miles: 54.35 avg mph: 14.01 no hr numbers, no calorie number, level: 12 aerobic development
From home across downtown and then the entire monon and back home. Trying to keep the pace down so that I don't do any damage to my knees this early on. Nice plan, except it didn't work. Too many miles? Knee pain started at the completion of the monon and grew worse until my entire legs decided that they didn't like me any more. Made it home, but my plan to do 63 miles (the metric century) was not to be. I had had enough.

Sunday 03/02/08 - Temps 50-60s felt like 50-60s
clothing: shoes/covers, regular socks, full length tights, base layer, ss jersey, no coat, helmet, no hat. Performance gloves with Specialized gloves over the top. Could have done without the shoe covers and full length tights, I think. Base layer seemed to be ok.
miles: 42.10 avg mph: 16.21 hr avg: 158 hr max: 187 calories: 2449 level: 13 tempo development
New route from home to west newton, camby, mooresville outskirts, monrovia and back home. Pushed it a little harder today I guess. Headwinds the whole way out led to slow times, but tailwinds back made for an easy and faster way back. Route touches on the beginning of The Wall route and a few other places I've ridden before. Hillier than the Southern Dunes and Whiteland loops. Nice route.

I've got a long way to go.


Christopher Maples said...

Nice job on the weight loss.

Mike said...

Thanks - I'm not overly worried about the pounds coming off until i get down in the 183 range... which is usually where I hit the wall.

I'd like to get scary bike racer skinny, actually. I mean, not so bad that I'm not eating, but really knocking down the body fat to single digits.

We'll see.



Kelly said...

serious questions -- how do you keep your ass from hurting? I can't even ride down to Irvington without feeling like I have a buzzsaw between my asscheeks.

TMI, perhaps.

Mike said...

Two things:

Shorts with Chamois

Narrow seat

When I crashed the other bike I ruined a $160 seat, which I'd really like to have back right now. The seat on my current bike is not the most comfortable - but eventually you get used to it. There's a whole science behind narrow seating, seat bones, and all of that - narrow seats won't cause chaffing (hey, you asked).

You'll never see professionals on wide seats, and they ride more than anyone... of course they all weight 120 lbs, but anyway..