14 March 2008

i'm dying

So you know about the knee thing. Thursday morning I awoke to discover that I was incapable of tilting my head to the left. When I attempt to do so, a very tight muscle located somewhere in my shoulder just stops me.

This is particularly odd when trying to hold a phone between the shoulder and ear while typing something (like about half of the actual work I do). I can switch the phone to the other ear, but that's not the ear I normally use. And that's just weird.

Next week my schedule looks like so: Monday - work, chiropractor (my first ever visit), tuesday - leave work early to join the other bicyclist at eagle creek (if I'm capable of biking by then), wednesday - work/dentist, thursday - work/dentist/hops for pops preliminary planning party (possibly) (AND I'M FINALLY DONE), friday - work/back to illinois for easter etc.

those of you reading from illinois... hops for pops will be the first beer festival i've contributed to the planning and production of... if you're looking for an excuse to visit..

st. patty's party
tomorrow. i am very proud of our meager hoosier beer geek accomplishments. it's nice to be involved in something.

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