27 March 2008

I said "You have two dogs out there?"

She said "yes"

I said "I was riding my bike last night and the little white one bit me"

"Well... I mean, what do you want me to do?"

"I just want to make sure they've had their vaccinations."

"Oh yes... we've got them out here for at nights, I guess we could put the little one inside. I tell you what I'd do... I'd get a baseball bat. That's what my son does."

"Well I'm not worried about the dogs, I just want to make sure they've been vaccinated."

"Oh yes."

"Ok, thanks."


Brownie said...

Really? Really?
I'd take the advice and beat the dog with a bat.

Brownie said...

Did you write an article at one time saying how it's ridiculous that humans still grow teeth the way we do?

Jonathan Schmitt said...

I would get a slingshot with barbed wire wrapped around it and throw it at the dog. Get 20 of em in case you miss. Throw the extra at the woman. Then take a semi-deep breath and smile at your resolve.