18 March 2008


3/18/08 conditions raining and 50ish I guess
castelli coat, ss jersey, long tights, reg socks, reg gloves, shoes with toe covers, base layer... hmmm what else.. oh a cycling cap for the rain
eagle creek tuesday night, except no one else showed up. that was fine by me. either i was just anxious to be back on a bike or raining and not that cold is perfect cycling weather. maybe those folks in belgium got it right. did many many laps on the back loop, zoning out and trying to remember all the lyrics to ok computer.

28.71 miles, 1:39, avg mph 17.4, hr max 211, avg 149, 1458 calories
12 - BS - Aerobic Development (Fairly Light

oh and my knee is definitely fucked, and i hate doctors

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