09 March 2008


Sunday 3/9/08 - Temps 25 - 39 feels like 27 - 33ish. Windy.
clothing: shoes/covers, wool socks, full length tights, base layer, ss jersey, castelli coat, helmet/helmet liner. Performance gloves with Specialized gloves over the top. Cold hands to start, but this seems to pass about the time I stop worrying about it. Mostly in the thumbs, actually.
miles: 22.03 avg mph: 17.03 hr avg: 161 hr max: 203 cal: 1307 level: 13 Tempo development (Somewhat Hard)
Called BGI South to see if there was a ride out today, they said no. So I drove over anyway, hoping to find the route marked on the road. I also had a map I found on routeslip. Stopped here and there making sure I was on the right course. Ran into snow on the road quite a few times. All things considered I felt a lot faster than I have recently. So that was nice.

Time change last night so training should pick up now.

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