07 December 2007

it's happening again

Today, spurred on by the discovery of Belgium Knee Warmers, I started thinking about bike racing again.

I had plenty of opportunities to get into racing last year; in fact a fellow rider basically begged me to get out and ride CAT 5 (beginning class), saying that anyone on our normal Tuesday night training ride could hang. Most of the guys I ride with are 50+ years old, have been riding forever, and seem to think that sort of thing is behind them. I think it's still in front of me.

Of course any new activity requires a new bike - the Bianchi I'm riding right now if fine as a sort of century ride comfort road bike, but what I really want is something with the zing my LeMond had, except turned up to eleven.

Maybe an aluminum Cannondale with wheels that cost more than the frame?

Maybe I should pay off my credit card first.

I hate that fucking credit card.

So I'm thinking in the meantime, in addition to the Tuesday night riding I'm still doing (except not right now because there's snow on the ground), I'll pick up that
regular Saturday ride. And maybe put the trainer in the living room again.

You wanna talk about fun? How's sweating your ass off in the living room sound?

* * * * *

Also, sort of unrelated - I wanted to talk about Lance's arm tan, a tan that all regular cyclists have. A tan I can't get rid of, no matter how long winter lasts. Gina even picked up the tan in her very limited riding last summer.

The tan is a weird thing, especially when it gets deep and dark in the middle of those hot months. Depending on what jersey you're wearing and sleve lenght, you can end up with tan stripes.

I happen to think that's kinda cool. I also don't wear sunscreen, and I'm sure I'll regret it later.

* * * * *

*by the way, I'm still on the cross country bike thing, it's just hard to book two months off work two years in advance

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