16 July 2007

Conclusions on a collision

So when I took a look at my helmet, and read what other people had to say about the rumors going around at the bike ride, I've gathered this:

I hit the deer, flipping the bike and myself forward (the bike was attached by my clip-in pedals), landing on the left rear side of my head (thank you, helmet), then my left shoulder, across my back to my right hip and leg and finally foot. Then I did a bit of skidding.

If I would have hit my head without a helmet, I'm probably looking at some sort of brain damage - perhaps Maritza the future brain surgeon could tell me exactly what, but my preliminary investigation points to vision and motor skills damage. AWESOME!

Let this be a lesson to you - wear a helmet. Because the freakiest things can happen to you... I might start wearing a helmet to work.

Still waiting on the bike estimate.


davidbhuffman said...

I'm very glad you are in one piece.

Next year, video.

Mike said...

thanks dave.

Anonymous said...

i've wrecked with helmet and without. i definitely recommend wrecking WITH the helmet as i was able to get up and walk away. on my wreck without the helmet i ended up at wishard...which was almost worse than the blood pouring out of my head.