03 July 2007

Bidet Fan

Surely it's a strange thing to be a fan of the Bidet - but my Bidet experience in Japan has convinced me that the Bidet is the Bid-est (Bidet + Best).

Perhaps you're thinking that it's not a manly thing to enjoy a spray of water up the ol' wazoo, but that's just because you're a filthy animal.

Anyway, while browsing another blog, I saw an ad for the Washlett. I now present to you.... a parade of smiley asses.


Anonymous said...

i'm going to pretend that i didn't watch the washlet intro.

i will not be visiting this weekend, as the guy with the stuff offered to deliver it for a hundo. i could't make the round trip for that, so........ yeah. but i do muchly appreciate the offer of implied hospitality. thanks.

Mike said...

no problemo, senior.

Jonathan Schmitt said...

in my lastest post on my isthmus, I gave three links your way. appreciation please.JON